Postcode NL  extension helps in Address Supplement based on postcode and house number using the Postcode NL API.

Customer only need to enter in your webshop is postcode and house number and address are automatically completed.

For having module to work on customer registration page, to generate automated address from postcode and housenumber, follow these steps:

First of all, enable the address details on the customer registration page.

In the local.xml layout file (if not available, then create it), add the following code:

Now the address fields would be shown on the customer registration page.

customer registration page

For making the address field of three lines,

Go to System->Configuration-> CUSTOMERS->Customer configuration->Name and Address Options-> Number of Lines in a Street Address->3

Customer configuration

Also, as we are using street 2 as house number, we need to set a configuration option in postcodeNl extension. (Please refer Note to Download it )

Go to System->Configuration->SALES-> API->Configuration->Separate housenumber->Yes API Configuration

For getting the three lines address as separate fields, go to the following file:


Go to line no. 100, you will get following code:

Now replace above code with Following one:

Further for applying postcodenl module on this customer registration page,

Go to file: [magento root]/js/postcodenl/api/lookup.js.

Go to line no. 917 and these extra lines of code:

Further go to file: theme/layout/postcodenl/api/lookup.xml

Go to line no. 22 and add these extra lines of code:

Output on customer registration page will be:

Output on customer registration page

Steps for Download PostcodeNl Module:

Go PostCode then Register and then specify the webshop name and url and secret key would be sent by mail.


Download from Magento Connect


Issue Fixed By: Nimit Shah