Enhanced / Improved CMS

Module for magento to improve CMS Pages and Blocks Features.

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Enhanced / Improved CMS

Features / Requirements

Extension Features:

  • Duplicate Pages and blocks to a given store view.
  • Mass Enable/Disable/Delete pages/blocks.
  • Edit column so you can open multiple edit forms.
  • Mass Action Assign to Store View.
  • Mass Action Copy to Store View.
  • Mass Action Remove Store View.
  • Mass Action Layout Update Column (pages).
  • Export / Import CMS > Static Blocks as a CSV File.
  • Export / Import CMS > Pages as a CSV File.
  • Automatically saves versions, keep track of all your changes.
  • Restore previous versions with the click of a button.
  • Preview previous versions easily in a pop-up window.
  • Manage unlimited levels and sublevels of Magento CMS pages.
  • Integrate unlimited levels and sublevels in breadcrumbs navigation.

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