Advanced Popup Manager

Universal extension to popup any html content, image or form on loading of page or on specific customer action.
Promote your products, news, ads, and events or collect information From user by any kind of form like newsletter, or any custom Form through attractive popup window.

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Advanced Popup Manager

Features / Requirements

Extension Features:

  • Advanced Popup extension have a lots of features which makes your store perfect. Through this module you can set Any content, Any where, Any time.
    • Any Content :
      • Image Popup. ( jpeg, jpg, png, gif, instagram, twitpic etc... )
      • Video Popup. ( Youtube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Metacafe etc... )
      • iFrame Popup.
      • HTML Popup. ( Any kind of HTML content, Form , widget etc... )
      • Swf.
      • Custom Popup. ( TinyMCE WYSIWYG editor integration in the admin interface.)
      • Any CMS Widget.
      • Google Map. - Upcoming
      • Ajax. - Upcoming
    • Any Where :
      • You can set Advanced Popup on any Page.
      • Home Page.
      • Category Page.
      • Product Page.
    • Any Time :
      • You can set cookie manually.
      • You can specify time for Popup display. - Upcoming
      • You can specify stay on time of Popup. - Upcoming
  • Image Link : It will give link so, through popup directly redirect on another page.
  • Popup Size : You can specify Height and Width of Popup.
  • You can configure effect for Show Popup and Close Popup. - Upcoming
  • Fully Configurable.
  • Background Opacity : You Can specify background opacity through admin side setting. - Upcoming
  • Cookie Eable : It will set time and after closed popup; it will not Popup for next 24 hour on particular Computer.
  • You can set own time for cookie.
  • Popup is responsive, width is auto adjustable fit to screen for mobile, tablet.
  • Advanced Popup is compatible with our Web Forms Builder extension.
  • Start Date and End Date. - Upcoming

User Guide

    Setup Popup

  • Step: 1 Follow Installation Instructions for install Module.
  • Step: 2 Login in Back-End of Magento Store.
  • Step: 3 Click on "Advanced Popup" => "Manage Popup" in Menu.
  • Step: 4 Click on Add Popup.
  • Step: 5 Fill the detail as per the requirement.
    • Title: Title of the popup.
    • Content: It will be the Content of your Popup.
    • Content Type: It would be selected as per the content you want to display.
      • Image: Select Image type for use Image in Popup. ( jpeg, jpg, png, gif, instagram, twitpic etc... )
      • Html: Select Html type for display any HTML Content, form CMS Widget etc...
      • Video: Select Video type for display Video Popup.
      • Iframe: Select Iframe for Iframe Content.
      • Google Maps(iframe): For Display Google Map in Popup. -Upcoming
      • Ajax: Display Ajax Content in Popup. -Upcoming
      • SWF: Display Swf video, or Flash Content.
    • Status: Enable/Disable Particular Popup.
    • Set Cookie While Popup Close: If Enabled then Popup will not open for 24 hour after once close the Popup.

  • Disable Module

  • Step: 1 Select System => Configuration in Back-End.
  • Step: 2 Go to "Advanced Popup" Tab.
  • Step: 3 Select "No" for Enable Module.
  • Step: 4 Select "No" for Enable jQurey.

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